Maybe when you cook bread at a pizza oven or a campfire you can make toast?

My ideas:

10 Bread Slices
The best thing since, well, sliced bread!
1 bread
30 secs

Each slice, when eaten, replenishes 1/9 the amount bread gives. (You get more food from slicing it, 1 1/9x the normal amount)

Cook the bread.
1 bread slice
5 sec

Replenishes 1.5x the amount normal slices replenish. Someone try to do the math and figure out the benefit, I’m too lazy.


1 1/9=1 2/18 halfed equals 9/18 + 1/18= 10/18 + 1 2/18 = 1 12/18= 1 1/3
So, 9 toast gives 1 1/3x the amount of hunger given in 1 bread.
Quick maths


i don’t follow you…


Me neither


I was trying to figure out where I saw that line and realised I first saw this in the old pc game called ‘Burger shop 2’

Now comes as a phone app game but does not include breakfast or dinner levels. Just lunch.


It’s a good idea, but I just get a certain meme though of what this means…

Hint: Toast



I think this would be super cool, and could lead to making sandwiches, kinda like blockheads Subway. Would you like your dodo meatball sub toasted? :joy:


Mmmmm! :tongue: