Today is 9/11

Today is 9/11 one of and probably is the most tragic attack on american soil.

I’ve went to New York one year ago and I got to see the one world trade center in real life, it was huge
I have a love of skyscrapers, and you can see that in my servers. To me, I will always remember 9/11, a moment America was beat down but came up and was stronger than ever, I call this the freedom tower,
I built it out of memory of one year ago on my visit to Washington D.C and New York.


I wanna see your builds to remember 9/11. Personally I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone build the Pentagon before.


My Freedom Tower, may not be the most accurate but it still shows my utmost respect :slight_smile:
You can visit in real life when my server, 2020 opens >


Please don’t bring in politics to the game, some people find it… Insulting

There is nothing political about remembering 9/11, or 9/11 itself. I’m confused by what you mean, @Mr_useful

Remembering tragedy is not political. Even people with a problem with the US foreign policy over the last [pick a period] understand a need to remember something like this.

For me it’s a gaming memory, which is bizarre, but I found out from a fellow player on a Q3 Freezetag server, and ended up disconnecting when my team was winning and surfing all the news channels for the next 12 hours. Even as disconnected as we are from the US over here it was incredibly upsetting to see such shocking methods used.


I did not bring politics into this at all. 3,000 lives were lost, and I’m gonna talk about politics*??

How many lifes were lost in the wars that followed ?

And now you make it political. 3000 people died, that’s a bad thing. Period.


Remembering 9/11 is about remembering the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Not about the wars in retaliation.

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It has been four whole years since this topic was created, yet 9/11 still continues to haunt people to this day. Today is September 11. Never forget. :frowning:

While we morn the loss of the thousands of innocent victims in New York, it is equally important to remember that the heroism of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93. They fought the Al-Queda hijackers for control of the plane, crash landing in a field in Pennsylvania.

It’s hard to imagine 9/11/2001 being any worse, but it could have it it weren’t for the brave actions of the passengers of UA Flight 93.

:us: Never Forget, Forever Remember :us:

waitt your gareth??! i didn’t know that, nice buildings m8

19 years, that’s unreal