Where is my tomato
In exprt mode need cook pizza, for this I need tomato, BUT I DONT HAVE TOMATO… Maybe them at flying island, but noooooooooooooo, i dont wont search them
Maybe I can have Tomato from other way?

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I believe you can find tomatoes in warmer areas of your world. :slight_smile:

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But they aren’t there :frowning:

you need to search for tomatoes

I have traveled around the world 3 times already… is there any chance to meet them on islands or in chests in caves?

First, you can’t find tomato in chest. Second, do you travel the whole world? You travel to the right for a long distance, but you still can’t find it. I suggest you to travel another side. At last, don’t play at 1/16 size on expert mode, because it’s hard to play. It doesn’t have enough resources. Btw you can find tomato on an island, but 100% needed luck… No suggest it. It will take a month I guess, because I think you don’t have jetpack.

I guess you just don’t have tomatoes in your world

if you’ve ever had them in the past I suppose a trade portal would be your only option

Okey… I need 6 diamonds :slight_smile:

You can get a tomato as a meditation reward


wait read what nycci said

But I can’t meditate… I wanted to create a 2nd character, maybe then meditation will open, but for this I need chili … By the way, I didn’t find a carrot either

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What type of world is it?

read the descriptions… Expert mode and trade portal only can buy the items that discovered.

Oh yeah, I forgot!

Don’t waste your time crystal. All blockheads from expert mode (Not in custom mode) You can’t med as well. You can try on expert mode with custom mode to summon the items to summon 2nd blockhead. I hope you use another device, so you won’t waste the time crystal on your main account.

Ok, thanks

1x expert survival
… I made new world, soooo … thanks

Rips… It must take 3 weeks ~ a month to reach this far… :cry:

I still have nothing to do in the basement

Gold spade on dirt or clay. It’s not that easy to get all the gems for gold spade but it’s possible. Gold spade can get every plant and tree except kelp, lime and tulip.