[Tool] Big painting splitter

There are a couple guides on how to slice up a photo to make a painting.
However, none of these guides make it easy to make your painting the right size if you don’t want the dimensions to be a multiple of 3.

I made a tool targeting BH for this. It will use 3x3 paintings as much as possible, and then use 1x1 paintings to fill up the remaining space if required.
As an example, take this Sapiens screenshot:

I want to put this in my world in a space that is 5x3, so I load the image and choose 5 for the width and 3 for the height. This gives me a preview of what each painting will look like.

Notice that it doesn’t cover the full photo, this is because the tool preserves aspect ratio and the picture is not exactly 5x3. You can use the painting offset inputs to move the preview around. If the offset is too big, the preview will stick to the sides of the photo.

You can also make the scale smaller to use only a portion of the photo. In my case, I’m only really interested in the part of the photo with the sunrise, so I’ll play with the scale and offsets to move the preview until I get what I want.

Now that it looks good, just click the Split Image button and the tool will give you the necessary images to paint. You can then save these to your device and make the paintings to get the exact sized painting you wanted!

Ready to get started? The tool is available here: https://bibliofile.github.io/PaintingCutter/

As usual, the source is available on GitHub: https://github.com/Bibliofile/PaintingCutter/

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@TheFoil, weren’t you looking for a tool like this?

Thanks to @Wingysam this tool now looks nicer :slight_smile: