Tooooooo OP


What if you spawned into a new 16x World with the best, of the best, equipment possible?

Baskets, Boat, gold chests, kelp and 5 stacks of food
Either full titanium armour or ice armour. Titanium sword and pickaxe
Jet pack and stack of fuel
Caged tamed Rainbow unicorn and stack of rainbow cakes
Gold bow, gold shovel, iron axe, iron machete and flint spears
Stacks of blocks: titanium, platinum, carbon fibre, gold and diamond.

Maybe it was a one time glitch but you start a world with all the items, what will you do then? And no, not build a portal chest and transfer them to one of your other worlds


I’d be really confused.


I’d make a clickbait YouTube video.


ali a intro plays


Eye of the tiger plays as you spawn in.

Bring it on!!


hundreds of jetpacks, a bunch of gold blocks, house items, and other glitched stuff would be better tbh


You would be banned for hacking,


Well obviously not spawn online. I’m mean for fun, what if you were spawned on single player with the best


Best what?


Best equipment and tools. Maybe a stack of fruit and a stack of the best or favourite blocks of the player


Welp, nothing left to do here, I already have everything. Time to go do other stuff.


Pretty sure you go try build stuff like an expensive mansion. Or look for sky island to make a sky castle.


Why waste time fantasizing about hypothetical situations that won’t ever happen lol


Because on a server it’s very possible, but no admin gives you everything when you spawn. Though there was a server where, when I first spawned in I got titanium armour and a jetpack.

So then I thought, ‘what if you spawned in a world where you started with best stuff?’


I might be quite late, but whats the point of getting all items effortlessly? You would get bored extremely quickly.


I wouldn’t.