Top 10 animals that should in game :D

Number 1: kitty/cats
We need pets that can follow you so why not cats with cats Food and fish good to feel it :smiley:

Number 2: some as 1 but puppies /dogs
Puppies/Dogs Are cute and will be good Partner To help you kill and stuff
To train it Met or bone

Number 3: horses.
It make Sense sense bc unicorns are kind of horses and horses Are cute
To train it you feel it Current or a Bucket with Full fruit

Number 4: birds
Honestly you can hear them but you can’t see them
We should have red blue and More colour birds
You can feel than by makeing special bird sees

Number 5: cows.
It make sense and also thay are cute. Yes Ik we have Yaks but still a cow (:
To feel it Feed a glass

Number 6: bees
I love bees and bee will help make plants grow and thay can make honey
To feed than give than Flowers and thay will make you honey make sure you near a bee hav or make a bee Hav

Number 7: dolphin
Honesty some of you may agree on this one
Pink and small and big dolphin world be cool

Number 8: pigs
Pigs Are also cute and would be a good Farm animals
With the met you can make Bacon and eggs

Number 9: Woombah
Now that would be cool
Idk what to say about this one XD

number 10: a fox
Thay can go under ground and hunt animals and that will be cool
Thay can drop fox furi and you can make fox clothings
Comment what what Animal Should been in the list and comments if you think this list is good :smiley: :smiley:


You’re supposed to feed the horses glass blocks?

they maybe meant grass

Ummm idk lol

Oh, that makes sense.

Yes I Meant that lol

I feel like horses would be a bit useless, since you can already ride a donkey.


But it will make more sense if thay use Horse to make unicorn as unicorn is a horse.

True, but will they have the same abilities as a donkey?

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Mostly yes

OMG YESS they should also have more under ground characters like spiders or something to hunt down or like they should copy Minecraft and add zombies in lowkey that would be cool

No not copy Minecraft

Maybe instead of zombies do more mythical type things, like you could find a small maze with look inside that will randomly spam as rare as cave trolls and then in the middle there’s a dude that you could either kill or tame (I forget what there called but there like half man half bull I think or something)

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A Minotaur?

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They should add another big creature like the cave troll

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yeah besides birds (if not counting parrots) I’m sorry to say everything is just Minecraft with additional functionality, which isn’t a bad thing

Omg another thing if we have dolphins we can rid them under water and they can hunt sharks and stuff


They should add pigeons!
You would feed them sunflower seeds


me silently wondering what a woombah is then realising it sounds a lot like “wumbojumbo”
@WumboJumbo sorry

I think he means wombat

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