Top 10 things we need ingame

Number 1: rainbows gears: Sword pick. axe and More

Number 2: owner only safe
It a safe that only the owner can get into (not even a admin

Number 3: flags
It would be cool to make your own flag and it be good for clans it be a painting on a pole or something that you can change the Picture anything you want

Number 4:pets
It would be good have pet dog or cat follow you

Number 5: working clock
It be good to talk what time is it :smiley:

Number 6: flying Carpet
Yes we have a jetpack but still A FLYING CARPET?!
(Need unicorn drop and Magic to make)

Number 6: Ik this will never happen but a rocky ship to go to the mood!
Imagine we can go to the moon how cool would that be!

Number 7: firework
Hands down this wolrd be cool and amazing no comments add (;

Number 8: special bucket to pick up lava to make Special armour special armour and Strong stuff

Number 9: bag
Put a bag on you and you can take stuff

Number 10: cameras And alarm (;
Com on you know this is a good idea and it view and if someone try broken in alarm will go off. You know this is a good idea

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Each suggestion should get its own topic. :slight_smile:

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We already have #2 (kinda). Its called a portal chest. Whoever looks into it (even an admin) sees their own items, not yours.

Portal chests aren’t allowed in custom rules though.


I would like to add
#11 binoculars: you can use them to see further but you can only see 30 blocks long and 10 blocks high

It’s a wishlist, so no, each item doesn’t need its own topic. Individual threads are only needed if you wish us to give consideration to adding an item.

But still not all wolrd have it and a bag cheap it make and You can war it on you

Ah, okay. I forgot about that. Wouldn’t all of the suggestion topics be “wishlists” because the chance of a content update happening again is very unlikely?

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