Top Stories: iOS 14.5 Beta, macOS 11.2 Released, VR Headset and Apple Car Rumors

Here are the top stories for this week. :slight_smile:

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$3K? Why bother though. I don’t think this will be for your average consumer. Probably some toy for people with high income.

Though, not as ridiculous as canon’s upcoming VR/AR headset, which is supposedly going to be $38,400. That one gave me a good laugh. LOL

Yes, it is probably meant to be a niche product. My guess is that it’ll likely be targeted at professionals and businesses (like the similarly priced Microsoft HoloLens).

Their target market will have been thoroughly assessed, and the budget and specifications set accordingly. Alternatively, they have maybe set the product specifications and costings, then looked into which market the product will attract. Nobody develops a product without some handle on what, who, and how much. It’s fundamental to business.