We should add tornadoes.
The tornado wouldn’t attack your home, only blocks that are natural.

It could kill donkeys and take a chunk of your health if you are close.

Tornadoes are created at random and are more likely to be in the desert.


Imagine if a tornado came across your big shark tank.



Does anyone think that tornadoe should be spelled with an e, no matter the part of speech?


I like the idea but it wouldn’t be realistic if it could attack things you make and homes.




I’m on the “man-made structures should die” side, myself. I’d rather that builds and build parts made of anything but stone materials, such as marble, stone, and limestone, should be damaged.


So the lesson is, that as soon as you can, you try to make your builds out of Amore better material.


I bet a tornado shall stay for half a day, pull you from higher places, and destroy your house like in Real Life.


Since natural blocks don’t regenerate, if they could be destroyed by tornadoes your server would slowly dwindle away.


Very expensive reconstruction projects.