Toronto server

This is a thread for the server Toronto! This is my first server!!! Thanks to @Tanooki
Discord :
No raiding

No Hacking

Duping is not allowed

3 kicks=ban :airplane:

No cussing

The theme is the city Toronto,ON Canada

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What are the rules of the server? Is the server themed around the actual Toronto city located in Canada?


@Codeoffun Please note the following to include in your thread title and first post:


We are finished the construction of the CN tower!

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And yes, it’s a theme on the city Toronto

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Looks exciting! I might join…

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I just built a power plant!
If you want electricity to go to your home, you will need me to install the system.
It will cost 20 gold coins.
The fee every month Is 5 gold coins.

You should probably test and see if the electricity actually transmits that far. Electricity transmission is difficult over even small distances

There are ways to solve that problem.

I’ve done this with flywheels < 10 blocks apart and still didn’t work

What about solar panels or steam generators?

I did and I also have several of them
They don’t go on water so I did that I didn’t want to put wires above sea
They work reAlly well

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lol this is why it works :joy:

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That is an interesting design! I’m glad you’ve solved a problem that has existed for a long time. :smiley:

Shawn mendes lol
so I’m not the only one who names their bhs after celebrities?

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Lol :joy:

Our new shop!!! :department_store:

The hotel is now open!

What is with that long wire above the hotel?