Totally lost....Help?

I am somewhat new to the game, and totally flummoxed by multuplayer. Anyone out there care to teach a newbie??

I hope this helps!

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Well for starters if you haven’t gone through the quick little tutorial for single player worlds, you can get basics from that.

If you’re already past that, all you need is a server to find that you like. There’s servers all over these forums hosted by kind, great players.

Also note that there are different kinds of servers out there (expert, economy, freebuild, etc.)


Not so much. Is there like a directory of different worlds to join or is there a special way to get into a world? I tried it, but ended up lost.

Yeah…that’s the info I want…where do I find i??

you can press the multiplayer category and search around there - servers are advertised all the time in that tab. Usually it will be labeled as such in the title. Just look in the thread for the info and likely a link to the server will be there, too.

If you’re more into economy servers, I suggest Sugarflop! I really like it.


I found a universe but am I confused lol

Playing on multiplayer, is pretty much the same as a single player. You get to explore the world, and see what others have built while your collecting your starter items. You get to make friends, and chat to other players in real time. The main points of safety I can give you are, always start by reading the welcome message, every server has a different way of play, so knowing the rules is a good way NOT to get banned. Don’t give out personal information and try not to build close to spawn. The closer you are, the more chance your base/build may get broken, the further you are, the safer your base will be. (Especially if gold signs are not allowed on that certain server)
Don’t leave your chests out, always pick up items you intend to keep before logging out, and items you don’t want can be left in a chest for others to rummage through.
The longer you are to stay on an empty server the more chance others will join you. I hope these pointers help out. Happy digging :slight_smile:


Welcome, @ShoalBear.

Here is a list with some great multiplayer serversyou can check out… certainly not all of them, but it might be a good jumping off point. :blush:

Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated


Thanks all so much!!!

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You can even ask players in other worlds if you are a bit confused and you did the right thing to ask on the forums:)