Touring Santa's Floating Workshop / Xmas Pixel Art

:gift: Merry Christmas! :gift:

I was going to post this in the Iridescia server thread, but my screen is smaller than I originally thought and I ended up taking more photos than I should.

Anyway, I built on that server, some wintery Christmas stuff:

shoutout to that diamond tree, love you :gem:

The North Pole is glitchy in the world of The Blockheads, so I had to transport it into the sky not far from spawn instead, and vaguely in the direction of the north.
Now the snow sort of ruins (and sort of enhances IMO, depending) a few parts, so I took some closeups. And I shall be dumping them here:

Pixel Arts...simple but Christmasy?

Here we have a way to climb upwards, before the relaxing elevators. Not actually a build/art lol, besides that questionable bauble.

Snowflakes and a bauble with a candy cane. It’s simple, and I’m not great/experienced at art, but I think the candy cane is cute and it’s my favorite. May have to do with its proximity to the diamond tree and my strong bias for diamonds.

Next you clamber through my least favorite, a messy gift with a ribbon I didn’t figure out, and its neighbor, an artificial Christmas tree with tulips inside. It has a nice star maybe.

The workshop is in sight! Just gotta hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh. Reindeer missing.

Gingerbread house with some notes and a lot of amethysts. Yes it’s weirdly colored gingerbread, not compost.

Santa's Workshop

Santa’s backyard includes a skating rink and the North Pole itself, Hat of Warmness not forgotten (was it hat of Warmth, not Warmness??) :ice_skate:

Stacks of presents underneath Santa’s tree, and shelves of toys to peruse and sort.

The upper-half: elves get hungry, too, and have their kitchen. On top is the “workshop” part itself, and before that is a place to go through the mail and mark who’s naughty or nice.
And of course the main entrance—you can go down Santa’s chimney instead of him coming down yours. :fire:

The stable, where the gliding flying unicorns reindeer reside!

Happy Christmas Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas, everyone, I had fun building this and I think it turned out okay. I also derive an unreasonable amount of entertainment out of the “chimney”.


The pixel art looks amazing! Do you plan on making more?

Gem tree :face_vomiting:. Great pixel art btw can you make a candy cane?

Hey, I like the gem trees!
Ty, and there’s one in the green Christmas bauble/ornament–unless you mean irl? Then I’ve never made a candy cane, but I’d be open to trying. :thinking:

@WumboJumbo Thanks! And maybe? Probably sticking to simple ones like these in-game. I’ve drawn somewhat less “simple”/easy ones (but not in the BHs) before, but they’re quite time consuming–and turn out really messy–since I’m not good at it yet, and placing blocks would make them take even longer. I have to be in the mood for it. :laughing:

Looks gr8! Merry Christmas

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