Trade portal discovery problems

Hi community. I have had people join a world I admin lately and buy things in the trade portal that they shouldn’t have discovered. When I ask they say they haven’t hacked their game and are not cheating. It’s happened a few times over the last few weeks. It’s hard to know how many different players because they circumvent the bans. I join with an alt and the items are not discovered.

Are they lying? Are they using an exploit that they have convinced themself isn’t a cheat?

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For some strange reason this happens to me on occastion; I join a world and pre 1.7 items were all discovered, even though I have not collected them myself e.g. all ice armor pieces. This happened to me on some mac servers and a few cloud ones too (The Void, rabbithole). maybe a bug?

This will happen if and only if the world was created before the update. Worlds created after 1.7 was released (all expert worlds) will have other items not discovered.

I’m not aware of any glitch that makes this possible. I find it far more likely that they are hacking and simply lying about it.

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Haven’t had this happen to me yet, though I had my share of hackers appear.

In my friends server, to help new players I have fully upgrade benches and chest filled with random items/essentials at spawn, to get them started.

Other than that, with some I really liked, I made a full catalogue of items, where I crafted or obtained one of every possible purchasable item filled many chests with them and brought it into the server. Players could then can simply look into the chests and basically have all items discovered in a very convenient way. Keep in mind I also asked them, politely, not to pocket any of the items. It was my collection after all.


How often have they usually appeared?

Thanks people :slight_smile:

Once every couple weeks. I was an admin already, so when I was alerted of a hacker and watch them do the crime, I blocked them immediately.

I only met a couple that were pretty harmless, that left after being warned.

So the plot thickens…

This happens in an expert world in the cloud that was created 04 August 2019. Definitely created after 1.7 was released.

I was on with a much more trustworthy player last night and they had the same discovery issue. They had joined using an older iPad that they first installed blockheads on in 2014, but then put it away for a while. They dusted the iPad off and updated to 1.7.4 a few days ago and joined the world.

They have 1.6 items discovered but not 1.7 items, no gem blocks for example.

Their phone only ever got 1.7 installed and discovery works properly there. Same for my phone, straight to 1.7.4 discovery works properly.

My iPad first got 1.6 (always had jet packs) and then updated to 1.7 etc. Discovery works properly.

So I think it’s a bug where if a person skipped updates on their device they will get the discovery problem too.

Maybe someone can try my theory on their old device? Please check your version before you update.

(Edit) On second thoughts don’t waste your time. It happened to somebody on iPhone 8 too. There is a bug in discovery. Moving on…

I’ve seen this on a new device that downloaded the game after the 1.7 update and I had a lot of stuff discovered on a older server but I had to discover everything on a newer server

@Winter_nights the scenario you are describing is the game working as per design.

This bug occurs in a world created after 1.7 was released so all items should be undiscovered for everyone when they first join.

It’s an issue in expert mode as they find the nearest player with a TP instead of searching for what they need.