Trade portal: Jobs


So it been a while since I have had to play around with the jobs for trade portals.

Does any one know if there is a consistent pattern to the change in items for each work type?

Like for minute jobs where the items go in order of 10 apples, 10 flax, 10 sand, 10 clay and 10 dirt, then it started again from apples in the next minute. Something like that.

If no one has an answer then I will do an analysis myself and post again.


I haven’t done anything that much relating to trade portal jobs (I seem to rarely use it when playing the game) but there seems to be a pattern relating to how the item is acquired. Common items that can be collected through agricultural means such as food or wood takes either a minute or 10 minutes to complete, while items that need to found while mining such as stone or ores take an hour to 12 hours to complete.


I have noticed that they cycle through a certain order.


I already understand the type of items that will likely be awarded to you for completing a job based on duration of the jobs. I’m talking about the order or cycling order of the items.

So on 12hr jobs, after diamond could be 99 iron, then if you know the order of items, then you might be able to predict the next job is for 99 oil, then 10 bread, 10 titanium and diamond again.


They appear to be in some sort of cycle.


So far, the 1minute jobs are actually random, with certain rewards appearing more than others.

I’m going to check the other jobs.