Trade portal price parity setting not working

A glitch I have found is when there is a world with custom rules. When trade portals are set to buy and sell equal, you can buy an item and sell it for more.

A glitch

I’m not aware of that setting, @Naw. You can set to buy only, sell only, everything free, jobs only, disabled, or normal.

Under the “trade prices” setting, you can change the prices.


Yes, I was about to say that as well. Sorry if I said it wrong but I meant trade portal prices

Thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t really use custom worlds, so I had overlooked that setting.

I’m going to give this bug its own thread, as it’s not so much common as new. I want to get others experiencing this to post.

I’d like to know the worlds on which this is happening, please, and the world owner name if there are other worlds with the same name.


I once figured this on a server but I don’t remember, it is probably used on servers that don’t know it’s a thing though.