Trade portal prices are unbalanced


Gold ingots sell for ~ 16 gold coins at the trade portal. That means you can sell a gold ingot for 16 gold, use 10 to make another gold ingot, pocket 6, and rinse repeat. I think that there has to be a change in the market price because as of right now you can literally get infinite money (albeit quite slowly) from trading.


Think about it, you are actually making money by doing jobs. so there is no need for this :slight_smile:


I don’t think you got what he meant.


This also happens with fuel. You can buy 10 oil for like 2 gold and craft fuel. You can then sell it for around 22-27 gold.


Fuel takes a long time though


it takes 1 minute


It does? I guess it’s just a long time to make a lot then. Looks like I’ve found out how to get my money on selling/buying worlds!


Wait, really? could’ve sworn it took longer, since refinery crafted items take quite some time.


Instead of having your extra Blockheads meditating have them crafting to make profit. The blockhead you are using can still be out exploring the the world, building a house, mining, racing a handcart or any of the other fun activities on a server. If you always have your extra ones crafting you will have plenty of money to use in no time.


The fuel uses a BUNCH of electricity, and the gold simply takes a while,


Electricity is not of my concern. I have a bunch of solar panels and like 50 chests of coal.


Because apparently solar panels are easy to get, and got the HECK do u get 50 chests of coal? U been using diamond pick or buying from tp?


both. also, it was an exaggeration. i actually have 2 chests of coal
REMEMBER: This is on a world I have had for over a year


Maybe trade portals need fixed prices. Also, most stuff are too cheap, and they need to be raised a bit. If people wanted to build a shop, it would be difficult to sell.

My best idea for servers is to restrict tps to admins, and have everyone make shops.


Um doesn’t that ruin the whole point of a TP?


Maybe. I think Trade portals should only be used to buy rare stuff easily. For example ice armor. The prices should get 10x more expensive.


A flint pickaxe was more expensive to buy than a stone pickaxe. :confused:


Yeah because flint is much, much rarer than stone and takes more hits to mine, therefore it makes total sense that it costs more.
EDIT: Flint mining also ruins your overworld, which has to turn at least a few people off (or am I the only one?)


It’s because people like to sell and buy flint pickaxes when they are poor. They completely ignore the fact that the stone pickaxe is super cheap. People sell it at the beginning usually.


Don’t prices fluctuate like an actual market? That means you can’t flood the market with gold or otherwise the selling price will drop serverwide. Maybe I imagined that it made it up, but i am pretty sure Dave thought of loopholes like that when he made the tp.