Trade Portals in 1.7


In Survival mode, someone has now to discover all items first before someone can buy them.

So my question now, does someone has to discover them everytime someone re-enters a server?
because this is annoying as heck…

I play it on an Android device. So for any help, or how it works for you guys, I would very much appreciate it.

Thx. Mills.


You should not have to re-discover items each time you enter the same server. You will need to rediscover them on each new server you join. This setting can be changed for custom worlds, but not for vanilla worlds.


No, this is a glitch


I am talking about having to re-find everything every time you go on a server.


It’s a currently known Android bug, not a feature.


Ahhh thank you, everyone, for the responses,
And yes I talked to other people on the server, and they said they had to only discover stuff once on a server.

  • I moved this to “Bugs & Glitches”


@Mills_2 It’s an Android bug so it belongs in #bugs-glitches-android. Moved.


This bug should hopefully be fixed in the next bug fix update.


yes hopefully because it is annoying as heck


This bug is fixed in 1.7.1! We’re doing a staged rollout, so the update should now be available to 50% of Android players. As long as we don’t see any huge issues with the update in the next day or so, we’ll roll it out to everyone.


Yay :smiley:

just did the update :smiley :smiley:
I now have to discover everything just once more, and now it keeps the discovery after logging in again on the same server.

Thank you guys from Nooklecake for the quick fix :smiley: