Trading Dimension


I haven’t really put much thought into this, but it was an idea that I had earlier today that I thought had a lot of potential and you guys could develop. What if on a diamond trade portal, there is an option to join a trading dimension, which would basically be a huge communal shop area. Maybe players could rent a space for tc, and they open up a shop that sells stuff. The difference about this is that it is cross server, so people from all servers could sell things to players at others. I explained this horribly but I hope some of you get it :rofl:


Could owners be able to disable this feature?


I sure hope so. Also is this vanilla only or can custom people go in too? I think if custom servers went in you might see a titanium pickaxe for only 1€


Also, did I use the right symbol?


yeah you did

awesome idea but one question , how much tc would one space cost? because to much and no-one would rent and two little and everyone would rent (I have 20 TC LOL)

and would it only be in suvival wourlds? becuase what about everything free custom wourlds


To add to that, how long would it be rented for?


To answer all of your questions, yes it could be disabled by the owner, I was thinking vanilla worlds only. The amount of tc would be relevant to how long you are renting it for. I was thinking one week irl would be 20 tc or something like that. Maybe more…


well then you could just whact 1 video and get one week of free trading


It would cost coins, then when you are done go back through the portal and go back to your world