Train and station problems/suggestions

I’m finding multiple glitches/issues with trains and stations (iOS - single player)

  • As mentioned elsewhere, station names are not always working. When starting a locomotive ride, the next station name will show up as being to the right AND to the left. Especially confusing when you are already AT that station.
  • And a pull down menu option would be great, so that you can send it several stations ahead. (Also mentioned elsewhere)
  • lost my luggage cars completely when the loco smokestack crashed into a ceiling - just disappeared with all the cargo!
  • The train ‘button’ does nothing. To stop the loco, my only choice is to click on the loco and THEN a stop riding button appears.
  • In order to continue riding to the next station (after stopping at a station) I have to Stop Riding, and start riding again. Is this normal? Could the loco button be made to continue riding when stopped, and stop riding when moving?
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What kind of device are you using? What version of iOS is it on?

Luggage cars tend to be buggy like this a lot (at least from what I’ve experienced), any valuables you should keep on you or at your house.

I’m pretty sure that’s just to use the horn on the train, correct me if I’m wrong.

What might have happened is that the freight car glitched into a block supporting the rails. I’ve seen that a lot with trains. Look carefully and see if it’s “floating” and spinning buried in a block where you crashed. You can just break the block to retrieve it and then repair the tracks.

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You are probably right. I never considered that, since I play with the volume down!

(But I still think the button would have a better use as a direction switcher and/or station chooser.)

(Sorry for the original reply to different poster)

iOS 13.3 (upgrading momentarily to 13.4)
iPhone 7 plus
Blockheads appears to be up to date. (Version 1.7.4)

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