Train bug no100


Breaking news! skytrain 1038 has disspare with nothing! all onabord 4028 people are dead body!
boom! this train just splt into long parts!
and the loocmate is just flyed!

ewafe’s sky home

yum i love it! i love fuel popcor-
explution on his iliand!
help mee!

so on top explane what happening, hope this bug will fix soon

Problem with trains

I’m sorry, but I do not understand. What is the bug? Your airplane blew up?


not airplane, train


it just not explued, it was just a train and turn it into pieses
or a


Please don’t double-post consecutively within an hour. You can always edit your first post/comment with the “Edit Post” tool. And could you please clarify your problem a bit more? Are you saying that a train fell off a track and broke?


all the passger cart just with long distance
the steamer just fall off
or no2
all the passger caur just (only happen in skytrain) go down the block that hollding them
and they turn into items, becore that tthey are still linked


This is a known bug with trains. They break easily, especially when the tracks are not smooth. you can try to make a smoother path of the rails but this may or may not even be fixed with 1.7.


it was the steagest rall of all the blockheds
anc connect the wrold


Sudden bumps in the track can cause it to break did it have any?
@jemnidad i think this is a feature, if you were on a tran that kept going up and down, it would break soon.


no bumps or anything, all connected
happen if you connect 5 or more passger cart or


yeah, long trains have problems too.

@Haque, i don’t mean without transitions from sloped to flat, but for trains it’s best to have those be smooth, and separated. Lots of ups and downs makes for fun handcar tracks, but very bad train rides.


wait wat