Train carts are as fragile as an eggshell


You know what seems weird, the fact that train carts are literally as fragile as an eggshell.

For one thing me and a friend of mine we’re talking and I said
“You know, train carts are as fragile as an egg shell. They break easily.”

And that is what caused me to make this thread,

Something needs to be changed. Train carts need to be changed so they are more stable rather then cracking like an egg and breaking when for example:

-in groups
-in the event of going down a steep kill hill.
-normal bumps.

This would be a much rather anticipated change because it would make it much more better to travel and carry other players without having to place your train carts over and over again.

That’s all I have to say. :slight_smile:


This is something we need, I hate trying to make railroads but I’m unable to literally ever go down or up if I want to add carts.


Yes! I have a steep hill right after the train station, and all the carts attached just disappear.


I thought this was irl train carts for a moment before it clicked that BH has trains :sweat_smile:

I always forget about trains… I hardly ever use them :no_mouth: