Train station builds wanted


Hai could I have some pics of train station builds I need some inspiration


Try what I do for inspiration. Google some images of actual train stations, and then if you find one that you like, see if you can reproduce something like it in Blockheads.

Personally, most of my train stations are pretty basic, and just a place where the train stops.

Here’s one of my favorite train stations, which is actually no longer a train station but the amazing Musee d’Orsay in Paris.



That’s absolutely beautiful!


Is it weird I badly want to visit Europe to spend the majority of my time blissfully walking around inside train stations? :stuck_out_tongue:


Kings Cross


Yeah how do you expect someone to make that in the blockheads?


Thats actually a pretty simple build tbf


Can you make it then


sure i will send a screen shot later


Kk xx


Here’s Flaxcote West Railway Station, Flaxcote, Regia. It’s a small station for a suburban area of Regia’s biggest town. It doesn’t have rails yet, because the server is new and the highest level trade portal - the only trade portal - that there is is level 3. Also, there are car stops here as well - just two S stops at this station.

And here’s Flaxcote Central. It has a 2, 4, 6 and S car stop for each direction, a proper brick station building, some information signs and an attempt at a clock above it.

Here’s the platform. I haven’t got round to getting rid of all the junk yet.


pretty basic version but duh daaaaa


Whoa what the heck that’s stunning




Awesome job, Sugarflop!!