Trains skipping stations


Is it me or when a train goes to the next station it always skips it?

If this is the case this needs to be fixed so whenever it finds a station it should park there every time.

Maybe is also somehow if you skip a station your blockhead will hit the brakes extremely hard then back up, which may also break the carts that are connected to the train.


Could it also be due to lag?


It’s annoying when you don’t want to stop there…
I guess skipping stations is ok cuz you can stop whenever you want.


That’s what i thought on servers…Does this works on single player worlds too?


Trains may skip stations because it doesn’t know what station is next or where it is. This may be because that you have not loaded the microblocks along the train track.


It makes it hard for me to buy things from GGB’s store on Unihorse- :(


I thought I was the only one annoyed by this LOL. Currently on my server that I’m workin on, my staff and I are buildin a railroad that goes around the 16x world. We have already set stations but it seems to just skip one or two :confused: despite the fact that my map is loaded


Is it consistently skipping particular stations, or is it random, which stations get bypassed?


random stations, at least for me.