Transfering Game Data - iOS 8.3, iOS 9

If you have a device on iOS 8.2 or lower (or jailbreak), use this instead. It’s faster and easier.

If you have a newer device, I recommend following Transferring worlds between iOS devices with iMazing instead as iMazing is faster than iBackupBot and helps you avoid the risk of breaking your backup.

As of iOS 8.3, tools like iFunBox can no longer access most application directories. Fortunately, this restriction does not apply to the backups make of those devices.

Disclaimer: If you do this wrong, you can break your backup, I highly advise making a backup of the backup (or backup your device through iTunes twice) if this is your first time doing this.

I advise reading through the whole guide first, and then keeping it open while doing it.

  1. First, open iTunes, connect each device, and make a backup. You will need to make changes to both of these backups later on.

  2. Then download iBackupBot:

  3. Open it up, and wait while it loads all of your backups. This can take a good amount of time due to the number of files it has to read through.

Done? Great. The UI will look something like this:

  1. Go to OLD backup (with the world) -> User App Files -> The Blockheads -> Library -> Application Support -> saves

Once you click on saves, you will see a TON of ambiguously named folders (one for each world). You can either “Export” all of these, or figure out which one is your SP world.

How to figure out which world you want

Before making your backup, open Blockheads on your device. Find the world you want to export, and click the options button above the play button.

Click “Host Multiplayer” and “Host Local Network” then “Host Game”.

In chat, type “/admin (Your world name)”.

Leave the world. Repeat for each world you want to be able to easily identify. Now follow the guide up to this point.

Sort the world folders by Date Modified and then look in the most recently modified folders. If it contains a file named “adminlist.txt” then double click the file and check to make sure the name in it is the name of your world. If it is, then this is the folder of that world.

Alternatively, you can open the “worldv2” file and look<key>worldName</key> (way at the bottom of the file). I personally find checking the adminlist file is quicker.

  1. After choosing the world(s) you want to export, click the “Export” button at the top of the screen and sit back… Again, this will take a while. Grab a book while you wait.

  2. Now that we have exported the world, we can finally add it to our other device! Follow step #4 for the backup of the device you are adding the world to.

  3. Once you have found the saves folder on your new device’s backup, click the down arrow at the right of the import button and choose “Import Folder”. Choose the world folder(s) you exported in step 5.

  4. Wait for it to import… this can take a while…

  5. Done? Great. Close iBackupBot and connect the device that will be receiving the world. Open iTunes and click “Restore Backup…”. Be sure to select the modified backup!

  6. Click “Restore” again, and wait as iTunes restores your backup.

  7. Done! You have now transferred a world. Open Blockheads and enjoy!

Please reply if I lost you anywhere in the guide and you need help :slight_smile: Remember to let me know where you got lost or I can’t really help you.

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I am lost…

You’re wonderful bibliophile!

If I understand all this correctly, I am to make two separate iTunes backups, one for each device. (And wisely make copies of both backups to store elsewhere.) This is assuming I have used the device I want to move to and already loaded blockheads onto it. Then I will be accessing the actual backup files that iTunes made using iBackupBot. Step 6 grabs from my NEW device’s backup the world that I want to replace in the folder “saves”? Or do I just click on “saves” and then select “import” to add it without replacing something?

I’m wondering what to expect to be different in step 4 if I never played blockheads yet on my iPad but just downloaded the game from the app store.

Also wondering if the device has never been used at all, do I still need to make a backup in order to be able to access the Blockheads app files. I’m assuming yes.

I also need instructions on how to put the world on my mac. When you have the time…

As for helping clear up the confusions I came across, maybe add to step 1 “You will need to access both backups at different moments using step 4.” and also “You will need to access the NEW device’s backup file in step 6 and your OLD device’s backup file in steps 5 & 7.” (Or something along those lines.)

I appreciate your guide more than I can express. Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback JuJu!

In step 6, your second thought is correct, each folder is named with a unique ID for the world and no other blockheads world will have the same ID. Because of this, you are just importing the world, not replacing a world.

If you just downloaded blockheads and haven’t played it yet, then the saves folder might not exist (in which case you can create it) or it might exist and be empty (in which case you just add the first folder to it).

If you don’t want to load the new device with everything from your old device, then yes, you will need to make a backup first. If you don’t mind essentially duplicating everything on your old device, then you don’t need to go through all this trouble. Just back up your old device and restore that backup on your new device.

I’ll make some of those changes to the guide :slight_smile:

As for playing on your Mac, unfortunately right now there is no way for anyone but majicDave himself to do this… at least natively. The best you are going to be able to do is running something like Andyroid and downloading the Android version of the app. I’ve gotten it to work, but it is extremely difficult to play on…