Transfering The Blockheads to another iOS device via iTunes

What is it and why is it good?

Encrypted iTunes backups back up your device completely. Nothing gets lost in the progress and you will be able to play The Blockheads on your new iOS device without any issues. TC & single player worlds won’t get lost and support ID’s won’t change. It will be the exact same.

Why not iCloud?

iCloud works fine. The Blockheads does not support it so if you manage to get all of your data to your new device with it consider yourself lucky; it’s not a recommended way to transfer data to another device if you wish to get everything with you. It has worked for some but definitely not for everyone.

How is it done?

You’ll need a PC that has iTunes on it (download link is here), the device that you want to get a backup of and an USB cable.

Step 1:

Open iTunes and plug your phone in. Tap on the small phone icon.

Step 2:

Select the “This computer” instead of “iCloud” and make sure to put a check at the “Encrypt iPhone backup” as well. This will enable the backup to save everything from your device. If you’re doing this for the first time it might ask you to create a password for the encrypted backup at some point. Create yourself a password that you will remember - it can’t be accessed otherwise.

When you are ready click on Back Up Now to start up the process.

Step 3:

iTunes will start backing up your device. This is process takes quite a while, don’t cancel it if it looks like it’s stuck. It will pass. A small rotating icon will appear at the top of your phone screen during the backup.

Step 4:

The backup is done. You can see it at “Latest Backup” and you can click on the “Restore Backup…” to restore it in need to your new device.


Simple enough. :slight_smile:

I’m sure many will love this.

Thanks for taking time on creating this topic.

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Thank you, hopefully this will answer questions and help those in need. If a part of it is unclear or wrong feel free to let me know and I will update it to the latest/correct version.


After you have the old phone backed up do you it out then put the new one in?

When you turn on a new/reset device it will give you options what to restore from. You’ll just choose the iTunes one and do what it tells you (if I remember correctly, I haven’t reset my phone in a while to factory settings)

This would restore a whole device, correct? Not just the blockheads’ data?

Correct. To someone like me who does not have iOS 11 it is pretty much the only option to have a backup of the whole game (wasn’t there a way to save it on iOS 11?). To me it’s just a big plus that it saves your whole device as well in case something happens to your other apps.

There’s also filesystem options. There’s a jailbreak app called “Filza” that allows this. It’s also available on iOS 11 to 11.1.2, if you know how to “impact” .ipa files to your device.

That allows just copying blockheads, just tc, just worlds, just one world, or any amount of worlds.

The iTunes method is much more simple if you don’t care about any data on the second device.

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Does this work on other iOS devices other than iPhones?

Why not. I’ve only done it with an iPhone so far though. Can’t confirm anything.

It can go in these patterns
iPad > pc > iPhone
iPhone > pc >iPad
iPad > pc > ipad
iPhone > pc > iPhone

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I know this is a bump but I feel as though I am contributing to this conversation. Will this work even if the iPhone won’t even turn on?

Your device needs to be on for iTunes to recognize that it is connected to it via an USB cable.

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Can it go from iPad to iPad ?

According to Apple’s support page iTunes can back up these following devices:

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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Thank you, your guide seemed to be helpful as i was about to buy a new iPad

Glad I could help!

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