Transfering World Files Now A Possibility?


There have been some suggestions and questions about this in the past, but now iOS 11 is out with the files App, I thought it might be worth asking again.

Could it be possible for dave to add a way in another update for us to access the single player world files in the files app and transfer it to other devices?


There used to be something like this in the past, but it’s been patched. People were taking advantage of the coding to transfer hacked inventories across devices, so I don’t think anything like that is coming back, much less made official or encouraged by @majicDave


The Files app does not make it so we can access system files. It just makes it so we can access things stored in iCloud, google drive, Dropbox, etc in one convenient location.

@zitro what update was that?


There was no update by Dave which hid the app files. That change resulted when you upgraded to iOS 8.4. Apple made that change, not Dave.


And @Bibliophile
Yeah it must’ve been like a small update by Dave to fix this problem, like there were people with iFile which allowed you to see the app’s coding, so you could browse for your inventory file and replace it with a hacked version. Apple didn’t directly fix this problem, they released a new IOS, so when the people upgraded it they would lose their jailbreak.


The world files don’t necessarily have to be system files do they? Dave could make something like this if he wanted to? The files app does have projects from apps like Pages, iMovie, etc.


Maybe if he made it so they uploaded to iCloud…


You could jailbreak or root your phone and you can seamlessly transfer worlds between android and ios …done it before files can be found in. data/data/com.noodlecake.blockheads/files/library/application support/saves


Not trying to be rude but, this question is about a feature, not how to exploit your device to transfer files. I think people can do that if they want but I’d rather stay safe and stay with the normal device.


We don’t recommend this.