Transferring game data

Hello Blockheads Forum! I am new to the forum so please let me know if I do something wrong

I few month ago I decides to transfer my apps from my iPad 4 running iOS 10.3.3 to my iPhone 7 running iOS 14.7.1, I used an iCloud backup restore and majority of my apps work however the Blockheads seems to crash. I attempted to solve this problem myself by reinstalling the app and using Filza to put my world files in a fresh install of The Blockheads, but the game still crashed when I did this just as it did when I would restore from iCloud backup.

Is there any way to transfer my game data from my iPad 4 to my iPhone 7? Or do I have to start from scratch on my iPhone 7?

The most consistent and safe way is to back up source device to a computer’s hard drive, encrypted, then restore that to destination device.

I remember trying to restore from iTunes backup but it always gave me an error while trying to restore the backup. Is that what you mean by computer backup? I could try again however and see if it works as I forgot why it gave an error. I did not use an encrypted backup however, I will make sure to try an encrypted backup.

Are you able to update your iPhone 7 to the latest version of iOS? Maybe that would fix the issue.

I have tried updating it but it also didn’t work on the latest iOS which was iOS 15.1 at the time I tried. I suspect it is a difference between the 32bit iPad 4 and 64bit iPhone 7, however nearly every other game I have works. I downgraded to iOS 14.7.1 so I could jailbreak and use Filza to manually transfer my game data because that has worked when restoring my worlds on my iPad 4 if I reinstalled the app. But this didn’t work.

I did mean an iTunes back-up. I’m not sure what to suggest, aside from looking in this forum, tips and guides, and questions, for help with data transfer. Over the years some really helpful users have supplied solutions that might be worth trying.

Thank you for your help! Do you have any specific forum threads in mind and if so can you tell me the name of the threads?

Hello, I have made some progress. In my saves folder I had around 400 or so saves and I was able to find my vanilla and expert mode world. These are the only worlds that matter to me and that I want to save. I tried loading them into my game with Filza but it crashed once again. I noticed that the permissions on my iPad were user: mobile group: mobile. But on my iPhone the permissions were user: root group mobile. So I changed the user to mobile as it was on my iPad but it still did not work. I checked the byte size for the worlds and the byte sizes were the same on either devices also. I even used command line to check the exact byte sizes of each file in the world folders and the byte sizes were the same. As a side note, both devices I have are running the latest version of Blockheads.

I do not know what I should do next with my worlds. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.