Transferring worlds between iOS devices with iMazing

Note: I’ve made basically the same guide before, but it uses a different tool, which I’ve found to be both slower and more difficult to use.

Also note: iMazing gave me a license key for the application when I reported a vulnerability to support, but this isn’t sponsored or anything :wink: You do not need to purchase the iMazing complete the process.

Disclaimer: If you do this wrong, you can break your backup. Don’t skip making an editable backup!!!

I recommend reading through all steps first before attempting to follow along.

  1. On your old device, find the world you want to move, go to “Options” and “Host local network” now admin the name of the world with /admin world name. This is done so that the world can be easily found later.

  2. Back up your old device through iTunes. You may use an encrypted backup, but it is not required. iMazing must not be running to make a backup with iTunes. (Note: Backing up through iMazing should also work, but I haven’t tested it.)

  3. Close iTunes

  4. Download iMazing 2 for your OS and open it -

  5. Right click on the backup you just made and choose “Make an editable copy of this backup”

    Depending on the size of your backup, this might take a minute or two. Once it has finished, you will have a new “Editable Backup”

  6. Click on the editable backup and choose the “Apps” icon. If your backup is encrypted, iMazing will now ask you for the password. The page might take a moment to load, but will then show a list of apps like this:

  7. Choose Blockheads (duh) and then go to Library > Application Support > saves

  8. Find the world you want to back up. In my case it’s easy since I only have one folder (4a21689a187d0e19d2bf94a8c8b8c407). If you have multiple folders, look in each folder until you find one with adminlist.txt. Double click on adminlist.txt to double check that it includes the name of the world you are looking for. On Windows, adminlist.txt will open in Notepad, which will display the file all on one line, so be careful.

  9. Once you have determined which folder is the world you want to copy, select the folder and choose “Copy to PC”

    This will bring up a dialog to choose a folder to save your world to. Choose somewhere convenient and click OK. Depending on the size of your world, this might take a minute or two.

  10. We are now done with your old device. All further instructions refer to your new device.

  11. Close iMazing, connect your new device to your computer, and back it up with iTunes. (Note: As I don’t actually need to transfer a world right now, I just deleted the world on my device and will use the same device, so screenshots will still show “BibPhone” as the device)

  12. Close iTunes

  13. Open iMazing, and follow steps 5-7 above to create an editable backup for the new device.

  14. Go to the saves folder in the editable backup of the new device.

  15. Double check the saves folder to make sure it does not have a folder with the same name as the world folder you exported in step 9. There may be a folder with the same name if you have joined the world with the “Host multiplayer” option before. If there is a folder with the same name, delete it.

  16. Choose “Copy to Device” when in the saves folder and then choose “Folder”

    Pick the world folder you exported earlier and click OK.

  17. With your new device connected to the computer, right click on the editable backup of the new device and choose “Restore this Backup to Device”

  18. Choose the device you want to restore and click “Next”

  19. No need to change anything on the Restore Options page, just click “Next”

  20. If you have Find My iPhone turned on, temporarily turn it off.

  21. Double check that the right backup is being restored, and click Restore.

  22. Wait until the restore is complete. Depending on the size of your backup, this may take a few minutes. Your device will restart when the restore is complete. Complete the restore process on your device, you can now close the restore window in iMazing.

  23. Done! If you open Blockheads on your new device, the world from your old device will be in the world spinner.


Thanks for the guide!

:open_mouth: iMazing is so much easier than iBackupBot!

Would this be possible using Filza?

If you’re jailbroken or using FilzaEscaped, yes. Just copy the save folder in/out.

Sidenote: These saves can be thrown into a mac saves folder too.

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Does zapya work?

A separate guide for Zapya might be a good idea. I don’t know if there are that many players from China though.

So You need to Backup your single player world then transfer to the PC so I just Backup my old iPad mini 3 then transfer to my iPad 6th Generation but the all worlds and accounts are safe so it will never lose the data.

Looks like no. In order to do this you need to access files which are generally inaccessible. The only way to access them on modern iOS devices is through a jailbreak or a backup.

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