Trash cans


I think it would be cool if we had trash cans. It would be one block tall and passable. If you touched it you would get a menu like a chest. throw the blocks you don’t wont in it. When you come back they will be gone!


That would be much more effective than a lava chute.


Yeah I come across problems like this often, but mostly when I don’t need something, yeet it on the ground, then go do something, (lot of somethings here) and come back from doing that something to pick up an item across the area where I yeet my stuff, and fill my inv with junk, which I sometimes manages to get out on first try but sometimes throw baskets out.


There used to be the door trick… Maybe the recipe in the workbench can be three doors?


I remember the door trick…


I’ve heard of the door trick I feel like it take a bucket of lava with a block of iron


It’s just three doors in a row.