Trash Item Slot


Easy to add and it would solve the trash problem. Adds another slot to your inventory except it is grey. It also could have a trash icon on it. When you put an item in it , it will stay. If you put an item on it, it trashes that item. You can swap items around in the trash so it does sort of act like another slot, but after leaving a world, your trashed items are gone.
If you swap by clicking trashed item first and then an item in your inventory it will swap but if you swap items by doing inventory item first then trash, the trashed item is deleted and the item in your inventory stacks over it. This would be SO useful. It could dispose of items you don’t want super easily.

Do any suggestions go through?+ the Suggestion shoutout thread

Yeah I’ve done this on minecraft, and it is really useful.
Having something similar to what I did would be great!


So I could trash my old coffee cups!


I like to recycle


This has been suggested time and time again, I really like te idea. To recycle or even trash items would be very helpful.


Maybe all the trash you threw would automatically go to a chest ?


Well I never seen it. can’t say I plagiarized if I never seen it.


Please don’t do this. It’s against the rules, because it needlessly makes people feel like they’re either being accused of stealing an idea, or being unoriginal. I think a good plan might be to actually read the rules for the community, which you will find as part of the FAQ, listed in the main forums menu, and to read the About thread for each forum, which has forum-specific rules in it.


This would be good, but it shouldn’t take up a slot. It should be over your hand icon