Treelandia is back up!

So I doubt any of you know Treelandia lol but it’s a server from I think its from summer 2020. Someone added credit yesterday and I think it was TronElite. Anyway the server is being rebuilt so yea! Add credit if you can too please! It would be greatly appreciated considering that the server only had about 29 days left! Anyway enjoy your day and goodbye!

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Yeah, @TronElite is actually a registered member of this forum. :slight_smile:

Oh epic!

Do you own this world?

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There are now starters in Treelandia! The server will have world modification soon too! Bye and enjoy your day/night!

I joined and is the owner according to the welcome message.
But the owner is Hi I’m flood and not

Thats true, Flood made it but he “gave” it to me. Sorry for not clarifying this.

Did he transfer proper ownership to you? If he didn’t, you should ask him to tell Milla to do so.

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He didn’t, but I haven’t seen him since August 2020. I have no way whatsoever of getting in touch with him, either. If Milla can do that that would be great, but if she can’t, that’s also ok.

Sorry, but unless the player contacts me and asks me to transfer ownership to you it’s not yours, and as such you can’t post a world thread about it. We only recognise the owner of record.

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