Trees dying in compost


if you can explain this. i am having trouble because somehow my trees are dying even when in compost in certain areas but not all of the areas. just the subway and if your answering “you don’t have enough light” i have a light source running 3 blocks apart from each other. does anyone know why this is happening?

i know this maybe fixed by the time of the post but it may happen again

this happened on my server Eternal memories, made before 1.7 so it isn’t expert.


This is Blockheads IT support, how may we help you?


Try adding a heat source like campfire


that would not look nice plus it may pull the opening of em a few days or more. and i want to promise to open it tomorrow.


I’m wondering if this is related to my plants not growing underground issue. The trees are fine, but the plants are glitched if they share a block with a tree. Are your trees sharing blocks with plants?


This is a bug. We’ve seen it from several players on Skeeve’s Exile. Trees with the exact same light and heat might grow fine a few blocks away from some that die in compost.

I haven’t noticed a correlation between plants that share compost with trees. In my case, the trees die but the plants are fine. And in this example there are no plants sharing with the trees that keep dying.


Very glad to see I’m not the only one noticing buggy underground growth. I have noticed some trees die much sooner than others right next to it, too. I thought it was because maybe the climate was slightly different three blocks over and that tipped the scales. But no. It’s just a glitch.


Can everyone experiencing this please post device details, and whether or not they can reproduce it in online worlds? I’m after device make, model, and OS version, please.


iPhone 5
iOS 10.3.3

I’m experiencing the same on my cloud world at my underground mob farm around 226 TC away from spawn. Lighting is equally everywhere so that can’t be the case. The trees are planted fine but die after a while in a specific area.


iPad Air
iOS 11.3


iPhone 7
iOS 11.2.6

I have only seen this on online worlds, namely Skeeve’s Exile.


iPad Air
iOS 11.3
I’ve seen this in Unihorse and Skeeve Exile


I find that bug to be very annoying.


iPhone 5S
iOS 11.2.6

This has occured to me on Survival Of Time.


i’m just going to let the trees die until 1.7.3 or 1.8 bug fix updates if those ever happen


Lol. The only chance we have


iPhone SE
Skylands arena


I think we discovered this during Beta testing but it seemed tolerable at the time. It has to do with light rendering and the game interpreting the area as dark when it is really lit, thus killing off the tree.


Is there any way to spot which areas will be affected?
And when an area is affected, wil it be affected for eternity, or will replacing the lanterns give a chance all will be good?


It’s not permanent in any of the areas, more like the chunk has a quick identity crisis, flipping the lights off and on again. I think you can spot it if there are noticeable dark corners on the megamap that indicate a square.

For me so far, normal light resumes after a few seconds, only leaving behind teensy bits of devastation. But the glitch may reoccur in the same place (I’ve had it kill entire farming rows of mangoes twice). Haven’t tried replacing the lanterns though, mostly because of how much it would take to do so.


iPad Pro
iOS 11.3
I have experienced trees dying underground due to the lighting glitch. I tried replanting the trees several times but they just kept dying in the same area. When you zoom out slightly you can see the difference in the lighting.