Trouble connecting to Cloud Servers

Hello people, I’ve recently have gotten a new iPhone, and so, I have blockheads on my phone, and I wanted to join a server, but as I did so, the game would just keep loading… Nothing happened.

And no… I’m not cloud banned, for those of you who are questioning me, and I am sure my internet works just fine, it’s 30 Mbps!

Any help? Thanks!


Same thing is happening for me, I can only join Mac severs and I’m not cloud banned

Well then, I should also mention that I can’t join Mac servers either.

PM milla might help you with that since you have a problem with Cloud servers.

I can’t connect to Mac either…

Can’t help you with mac either maybe tell us what devices you were using include what iOS/OS updated your using device?

Has your router changed? Sounds to me like you don’t have access for the IP or port (more likely) for BH servers.

Yes bibliophile, so what can I do? O_o Please. :slight_smile:

Your device using and the version.

Does it work using data rather than your wifi? that would be a good test. You don’t have to use it long term and consume your data plan, just try it out.

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What if Zeek doesn’t have data?

maybe he could try on some other wifi network then. Like a coffee shop or someplace else with free wifi.

I can’t connect to the blockheads cloud or Mac worlds while I am at work either. The internet filter blocks connection to all apps and sites that are not approved by the tech department. If you are connecting at a school or place of business this is common practice.

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What’s your device? I have an iPad and an iPhone and had the same problem as you in my iPad, but in my iPhone it has no problems in connecting to the servers. I also use VPN to fix this problem…