Troubles with Dropbears

I cant seem to be able to spawn dropbears. I’m trying the design shown below which i saw in a forum image where you put shelves on top of the tress in order to trap the dropbears and be able to hit them but the drop bears did not seem to spawn. I’ve trued adding more lights at the bottom but they still didn’t spawn. Is there something i’m doing wrong?

Edit: i built this below dirt level is that the problem?

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Are there walls? In my experience they don’t spawn in walls.


Yes there are backwalls, maybe thats why they don’t spawn. I will try in a moment thank you! :smiley:

Edit: They spawn now! Thank you for your help! ^^

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That design still works after so many years?


Yes, the dropbears spawn but its not that quick. Also, am i breaking a rule by replying to this? I’m still relatively new and i’ve seen people who have broken a rule where they replied too much.

You won’t break rules by replying quickly provided someone else says something first, like this.

desolated storm: something 1
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If ever you’re trying to reply to multiple people, try using the @ function within your post, like so.

desolated storm:
@testif , something 4
@JumboWumbo , something 5

For more forum rule intricacies, consider this.


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: