What level do I need to be to sent PMs? How many levels are there and how do I go up in them?

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You need to be basic user, activity on the forums boosts you to higher trust levels.

Including a number of other factors.

In order to send a private message, you must be at Trust Level 1.

Currently, you are likely at TL0, having just joined the forums. To level up, so to speak, just browse around for a bit and
it’ll be awarded automatically.

TL2 is like a slightly more advanced version of TL1.

TL3 is Regular status, which practically speaking gives miniature moderative privileges.

TL4 is for the people who own/run the forums, i.e. Dave, Milla, and I think Asyc.

All in all, 5 levels in total. If you want even more information, feel free to look here.

Moved to #meta since it’s about the forum.

You’ve now reached trust level 1 :slight_smile: you can send PMs by clicking on someone’s name and then using the message button.