I’m looking for old friends I used to play blockheads with almost 5 years ago. Lily, Jack, Kenzie, Summer, Pika, the rest of the gang and anyone else who remembers them.
-Jimmy :new_moon_with_face:


Hello jimmy! I don’t believe we’ve met, but I’m tbuckey! I also used to play a couple years ago and recently started playing again :slight_smile: I may know a pika! (Sorry it’s the only name I recognized on there :slight_smile: ) but try starlight sky’s 5 :slight_smile: they may still be there!!

Yeah, to be honest I don’t really know if this is feasible. As your odds of finding them are so extremely low. I have basically moved on from my old friends a long time ago.

My old friends we’re LegoboyDerek, Silverado, Trollhunter, Athena (3 Sumbols), Sebastian C, henrik…, and Possibly even more. If you feel those names are familiar, they may be as I was a person named killerender120y.

To be honest it has been over 5 years since most of us last met, a few years for some. But I don’t really play blockheads much to care about searching for them.

I do wish you luck on trying to find your old friends, and I hope despite the odds you find them and you are able to reconnect together. :slight_smile:


I also lost a few friends of mine but 1 really stood out as she was my first best friend. The name is Lapis Lazuli, she knows me as Pyas, we used to play in a server called Dopey’s server.

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I fell you bro I trying look for my old friend


I don’t think that’s going to make the OP feel any better.

I had an old friend on Blockheads around the time 1.6 came out. His username was Thop and he had a profile picture of a dog with spots. We played on a server he owned (I think it was called diamond rainbows, diamond fortress(es), diamond valley or something like that) and had a lot of fun together along with the other admins there.

To this day, I still hope to find him again, whether that be in-game or Discord.


Hate to say it but the odds are you won’t find them on the forums as they may not be here

Jimmy I know that there’s a lot of “odds are…” posts going on (which are true) but I don’t want you to give up hope!:two_hearts: just keep asking for them wherever you go :blush: if you find them pls let us know! I’m rooting for you!!


You’re talking about @PikachuLoverz124 I think. I’m not sure.

I would love to reconnect with so many friends, but alas, it’s unlikely.
Anyway, shoutouts to
Beltedeye, Shanyue East, Reach2002, Treyvit, Justin_ych, @calumon, Eago man, Hobitlover, @Sword2185, @Cleverhead, Amyy, jazzyproduction, @Deeno, @Bbq and most of all @Ingeniare


I don’t know about the rest, but wasn’t Ingeniare still active not too long ago?

Thank you! I’ll look there!

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Up until last spring. Then life took him away from the game.

Wait a second…

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I’ve pinned this for six months and moved to multiplayer. Most players never come to the forums, and the game is winding down, so many players are simply not playing any more, but you never know your luck!


@HeadFromBlocks do you still play? We built a base together in 2016.

Ived been playing with my friends lots of years we even spent new year at the game we waited until every one of us goes at 12:00 am
Im finding my old friend…
(we call her as uni)
And every admin of Friends 4 Life
I am Daniella and my friends call me Dani i have found one of my friends Soulful Silence i just havent found the rest of them… :frowning:

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I miss my old friends too 3 years since we played together well soon it’ll be 3 years in a few days it will be