It’s fine my acc actually saved itself so when I re downloaded it everything but a few worlds was saved. Although I did lose my other acc a few years back which I might get you to help me with.

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Lapis lazuli, she was my first ever best friend. She was honestly the most amazing person I’ve met in life, everything she does would make me feel happy. I was happy when I was around with her. Unfortunately one day my tablet broke, I had to switch tablet but when I went to find the servers she was in. All was lost. I couldn’t find anything. Sometimes I can’t help but think about her just waiting in the server, waiting for me to come but I never came. For a very very long time. All I knew about her was her age and which country she’s from, I miss her alot but… What can I do? Nothing really. I can’t change the past.

I hope you enjoy this story.


The story’s kinda sad. :frowning:

Wow, that was saddening…

Ay see ya round homie

This thread conjured a lot of old memories of people long moved on from Blockheads (if that’s how I should word it). Some world called Block Wars I think by @_The_A, met some great friends which I no longer remember the names of except a certain Tails when I went by Jackfrosty or something like that. Might know him from edepot’s pvp videos. It’s weird how something so important to you can just fade from your memory but that’s just how it is, lol.

So deep


Hello, I am looking for someone named stick4 or stick guy4 or stick4 guy or his alt We’re friends together for a while until I took a break from bh, I’ve been trying to find him. He server hops alot but usually played on economy build, iron maiden and the gap. I hope someone is able to find him. If you do tell him to make a discord account, I would love to talk to him more.

Another person I would like to see again is dream player105, she’s a friend of a friend and a really nice person, she’s mod in a few servers, the blockacia servers, donkey city and unicorn world. If you do find her tell her to make a discord like stick guy. Last seen her 3 weeks ago…

Hey, there are a few worlds which I might have friends from if they still play. If you know anyone from worlds with the following names, please let me know!

-Eternal Savanna (very old)
-Super Fort (Also very old)
-NYJ (less old, but still 4-5 years old)

I remember a guy named Tim that stands out, he taught me how to structure a welcome message and it looked really nice! Not to mention he helped add some credit to Eternal Savanna which gave it the success it had for a year or so. If you know anyone related to those servers, let me know!

I’m an old time BH user, and have taken breaks from this game years at a time, with the nostalgia becoming guilt for not returning; I miss you, old friends. It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten your names and how we met, how we had fun together, how we would share. I’ve met people all over BH, and please; if someone from long ago remembers me, please reply. It’s been too long.


Did you go by any other names in the game?

I may know pika does she have the ghost pikachu avatar if yes then i had her as a friend but i lost her too i know another pikachu and his or her name is Nerdypikachu

Well i dunni if we met before but hey my username matches the description XD

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Your story quite touched me.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Am I the one you are looking for @JimmyJam24 ? :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I saw lapis on her server blue bird a month ago, i dont know if it is any help for you though

Woah, I thought she was long gone… Was the lapis a Filipino, and a girl? Im yes then that could be the lapis im looking for.

Yeah, but i Think the servers down now…
Ask on starlight sky 5 if anyone saw her

Wow im just lost for words, could you please ask? Im quite busy this entire week.

Hi again.
Ive been on the server but couldn’t find her.
If you want to meet her, ask starlight on Starlight sky 5, maybe she knows were you can find her.