Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Am I the one you are looking for @JimmyJam24 ? :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I saw lapis on her server blue bird a month ago, i dont know if it is any help for you though

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Woah, I thought she was long gone… Was the lapis a Filipino, and a girl? Im yes then that could be the lapis im looking for.

Yeah, but i Think the servers down now…
Ask on starlight sky 5 if anyone saw her

Wow im just lost for words, could you please ask? Im quite busy this entire week.

Hi again.
Ive been on the server but couldn’t find her.
If you want to meet her, ask starlight on Starlight sky 5, maybe she knows were you can find her.

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I’ve tried finding some people for forever. (Mostly my server’s admins) but haven’t found any. I know I’m late to this, but I hope you did/will find them.

If they were forums users you might like to post their names here.

I don’t think think they used the forums. I knew them about 3-4 years ago

I used to know someone. I don’t remember their whole name as it was abt. 4 years ago. I called them Jess though. They were my BEST friend. I miss them a lot actually.

Has anyone seen jumba or stitch

If you are an admin at originals world, it’s me, puppy gal. It’s been a year or 2 since I last joined, but I was feeling so nostalgic and I came to visit y’all, no one was online. If one of you are reading this, please, come back online often. I’ll be sure to check at least every 30 minutes, I swear! Also, message me please. I want to see you guys again

-Puppy Gal

I’m surprised the person was actually paying for It for 2 years.

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Is “Originals World” the name of the server?
(not that I’ve been there, just asking)

Maybe you should also make a post in this topic.


wait… i remember you… you greifed infinity…
(Not that its a bad thing)

Who? If you are talking to me, my little sister used to play and do stuff like that in the middle of the night when she was meant to be asleep, but we put a passcode on the devices

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Hey your name really rings a bell, I think I’ve been on originals world before