Tuilips and dodos



I have every egg and tuilip type what do I do with them are they useful ?


Tulips are just decorations, but with an egg, you first need to make an Egg extractor and then you can get materials with your eggs


Or you could sell either and make a big profit!


Loads of money! :moneybag:


What even are all the types of dodos ? And how long did it take you to tame all of them…


You can find all types of dodos here by scrolling down to the dodo section :smiley:


There’s a bunch of shades though! How?


i believe their hax


I think it’s more likely they’re reffering to the base tulip shades, it’s legitimately impossible to collect every single one. (though I’m thinking Asyc is an immortal time traveller who’s getting pretty close)

As for an answer to the OP, each dodo egg can either be used to obtain a higher tier dodo(until the caps of titanium/platinum, fuel, diamond, and rainbow essence, I think) or put into an extractor to obtain their namesakes.

Tulips are primarily a cosmetic pastime, after the initial varieties of yellow, red, white, blue, and purple have been found by the player, they can be endlessly smooshed together into newer varieties, giving off new colours like grey, brown, pink, orange, green, black and multiple combinations thereof. They can often be sold at high prices due to the inherent difficulty of making crazier variations entirely unaided and planted in dirt or compost for some truly stunning gardens. (though I’d say anything greater than a flowerbed of 2-3 tulips becomes a bit of an eyesore, might just be personal preference, though)


I have evey hybrid shades


Have you counted how many unique colour variations you have?

I would be interested to know if you have the number of colour variations as calculated/hypothesised in the Tulips Permutations thread :tulip: