Tulip lovers thread


This thread is for sharing your tulips and anything to do with tulips! I will add my ones here soon.
Please stay on topic, and let the tulip shareing begin!


How do you arrange your tulip colours?

My friend (Name’s Cat) and I prefer to sort them in order and in colour scale.

How do you breed tulips?

I have 3 compost with a different colour then trapdoors between to go through
Storage is like this

My favourite tulip i bred is… no this:


I like how you have the painted chests for corresponding tulip colours. It’s a great way to have a colour coding scheme such as painted chests/safes/cabinets for storage and/or signage.


My mom says we’re getting tulips next year


How do you even begin to do that…


Having a colour wheel and a range of colour scales for reference helps immensely.


I’m going to FB this in a moment. It looks great!


Asyc’s tulips are basically the answer sheet to all the possible combination colours. I can never get a fraction of that…


I remain confused… Tulip breeding is evidently beyond me. ;-;


A discussion on the possible number of tulip colours (hybrids colours and pure colour mutations) can be found here:

Check out these comprehensive guides for more tulip breeding and oganisation info if anyone is interested:

Share your most beautiful and favorite tulips here..!

Painted chests!!! Now that is an ingenious idea! It certainly looks better than putting a sign over every chest. I should try this.


I love tulips! You can even ask my friend, @Spectre.Spirit. Imma try and breed some!