Tulip Market!


Like this gollark?


My farm is getting ridiculous!


Which server is your farm located because I’m interested in some of your tulips. Are they for sale or do I have to trade?


Its in my sp world but we can meet in many places if u wanna meet in a place u play or ur server just have a portal chest available. And I trade only


Exactly like that actually.


I’m accepting offers for these.

Cloud World Tulip-Central

Does anybody have a full sett of every color? I want to breed.


Full set of every colour is impossible or at least nearly impossible to do. Every colour has lighter and darker shades making there be tons of variations. Do you mean every basic colour (the tertiary colour wheel)?


Yep that’s what I meant. The basic color.


Ooo, I want the black with purple lip and the green tulip with yellow lip, maybe we could trade in Archenland?


A few of my faves. Cant really post all my faves there are just too many. You will see there may be some with variations those are mutations that naturally happen from generation to generation.


Some of those look great! I really like the purple and orange,plus green and orange ones.


My new fave tulip! Burgundy black one has mutated and is slightly darker


What’s the basic colors. I know red blue yellow and white.


Google tertiary colour wheel. It has the basic colours. There’s also white and black.


Does any body have red, blue, white, yellow, orange, black, purple? I need them to start off my collection.


That’s exactly what I need too.


I have all of those except black.


Alright then that will have to do. Where shall we meet? And when?


Is it possible for you to go to BlockTrees? Get a safe or a chest, go right until you see the Science Research Centre and place the chest or safe there. I’ll fill it up, and either get a portal chest or have someone borrow you one. For payment, I’d like ice torches/steam generators or platinium coins.