Tulip Viewer


Tulip Viewer

Problem: It’s often difficult to see and describe a tulip clearly, especially in different lighting conditions and backgrounds, or if you do not see colour normally. (5% of the population inherit some sort of difference in color vision. Cataracts filter out some colours. Many diseases and medicines affect it. Even normal vision has variations.) Also, a clear, standard description would help muilt-player breeding programs.

The basic tulip viewer would show the flower on a white (or standard grey?) background, and give the colour (perhaps in HSL format) at five (3? 7?) specific spots. Middle (top) models would show 2 (3) flowers and have less (no) measurement error.

I haven’t yet tried selling or buying things. Is there room for a description? If so, the middle model could also give a code that will fit in the store, and is easy-enough for humans to decipher.

HSL explained: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_hsl.asp

Base Model: Shows a single magnified tulip flower. It has a fairly large measurement error, so you’d have to take several readings and average them. Operate by selecting device and clicking on a tulip. Costs 1 glass (lens), 1 steel (frame), 1 red ochre pigment, 1 copper blue pigment, 1 marble white pigment, 1 black pigment. The pigments are used as colour standards, and all are fairly easy to get. Maybe instead of pigments, use 1 amethyst and 1 sapphire. (How easy is it to find a sapphire? New players might want to to breed tulips before exploring too far.) Made at basic metalwork bench.

Middle Model: As above. Shows 2 flowers. (Click on flower, and it asks which side to show it on.) Cost: 2 base models, plus 2 emerald green pigment or 2 emerald. (Emerald green pigment seems pretty common from meditating, but emeralds are often hard to find.) Made at advanced or electric metalwork bench.

Top Model: As above, but shows 3 flowers, costs 3 base models, plus 3 ruby and 1 diamond. (If you’ve been around the world looking for tulips, you’ve probably found, or can afford, a diamond.)

Appearance: A magnifying glass (more for advanced models) with a tulip design? More ideas welcome!

None of these viewers can see recessive traits. I’m working on a DNA Barcode device for that, trying to balance mystery with accuracy.

Beginnings of another idea: Show the flower through different filters.

Tulip DNA Barcode Bench

What color?


Maybe a tulip, but instead of the flower, a steel magnifying glass. I’m not attached to that idea.