Twilight Waters, Opening on May 25, 2020!

There is a new server, coming quite soon! It’s named Twilight Waters, and it’s open on May 25, 2020!


The rules of this server are:
Light cussing, only 1 moderate cuss word per minute please!

No inappropriate pictures, names, or roleplays!

3 warnings=1 kick, 3 kicks=1 week ban, 3 1 week bans=permanent ban

You may ask for admin or mod, but only once! If they say no, don’t ask again.

Only admins and mods may have trade portals, if you need anything, do a trade-off with them.

No griefing others builds. Also don’t ask for protection.

Trolling is encouraged by us! Only light trolling though.

How to earn staff

You must do all of the following:

Be online at least 1 time every 2 days. If you aren’t, leave a sign at spawn or at owners base saying why.

Follow all the rules.

Earn the trust

Be kind to the owner and other admins

Try to stay out of drama

Follow the kicking, banning, and permanent banning rules!

Server Story

In a cold region that was made by the past generation which destroyed the earth, a few survivors manage the cold, deep, darkness of this new world. There are ruined buildings everywhere, and loot in them as well! With the eternal nighttime that has overcome the earth, and all the cold caused by pollution, can you survive?


Try to stay in groups of 3, especially if traveling. Have 1 person carry food, one tools, and one blocks.
Start small, and don’t expect a lot on just day 1. That is the worst mistake to make.
You spawn with very useful resources, use them wisely. You will not get spares unless you collect them.
Avoid being rude to random people. Many admins may have alternative accounts where they aren’t admin.
Stock up on food before you leave spawn, at least 1 stack in total.

"More About the Server


Pile of rubble #1: Safehouse #1

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Wait, trolling is allowed on this server?


What is this server? Is it custom, vanilla, or expert? What’s in the server? Why should people join? Do you have to work for progression? Are there any builds available to everyone?

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Yup! Just nothing overly laggy or really evil.

This’ll be fun. What about DDoS or making The iron curtain?

Cool, my friend is black and doesn’t get targeted. What’s your point?
Or you could just. Maybe not release that information?


Good point. If you’re trolling you can’t stay out of drama.

Nothing was said about harassment.

Trolling is a small prank, nothing major. Also, I am part of lgbt+ community but I’ve never been targeted. If they target you tell me and i will help you. When it’s May 25th it will be searchable. Also what I mean by moderate cussing is the type of cussing (most) churches would allow, such as hell, damn, and if the chat will allow you to say it without the :rage: emote it’s fine by me.

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I don’t know what either of those are… lol.
Please explain?

Iron curtain, referring to the Berlin Wall, and DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service attacks is basically lagging the whole server.

Ohhhhh well if it’s laggy, that a no

This should never be required. Identity is important, and suppressing or attacking someone’s identity can be deadly.

So long as trolls are not based on identity, be it racial, gender identity, political views, or anything else personal, it’s less problematic to have a trolling theme.

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Don’t know of any churches that would allow those words


Yeah. None of the churches around my way would ever allow cursing.


We do, however. Nothing stronger than that though.

My church does. Idk why but it does.

Light trolling pretty much means small harmless pranks that just make people laugh. Nothing more then that, if it goes beyond that it will likely result in a kick.

It’s less than a week before opening time, and it will be open at 6:00 Post Meridiem/PM EST. First 5 people to join will get moderator, for free!

Be online often!


@Lizzie1 this sounds like your server but with moderate cursing lol

Merged triple post. Please only post once in a row, unless there is more than an hour between posts.

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Same lol

Lol what? I mean I’m planning an underground part of spawn and a graffiti area by spawn so uh yeah I guess? Lol, I will consider making the basalt outline of spawn maybe a darker colored rainbow?

My church allows it.

Is the server open?