Two Cave Trolls

I’ve seen people show cave trolls this close before, but I found two cave trolls that were super close to each other.
Does anybody know why?

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They are couple :slight_smile:

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Six feet apart because they’re social distancing :smiley:


I have seen cave trolls next to each other before.

Yeah. I didn’t show it in the picture, but I found five of them within that area. I just couldn’t find it in the photo.

These are just a few dozen blocks away from the others:

You should reunite them!

We did xD

I thought there were only 4 per server XD

Welp. I’ve already found 6 so…

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I have no idea. But that must be very rare.

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It’s random. I doubt there’s a limit.

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Um I found another couple… closer than the last few… and both with trade portals

Guess I have a really good cave troll spawn!

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