Two Truths and a Lie

Ok, so the rules are, someone posts two things about themselves that are true, and one lie. Then, everyone has to guess which one is the lie. The first person to guess which one is the lie gets to go next. Note: you can only guess once.

I will start. (Waiii, my sister can’t answer :wink:)

I have speared a lobster and ate it. I have been sky diving. And I have been to Jamaica.


You never went skydiving?

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Wrong! That was not the lie.

You haven’t been to Jamaica?


@LizerdsTree! you win! I have never been to Jamaica. You can post two truths and a lie now!

I don’t like bacon. I’ve never been on a boat. I’ve never been on a plane.

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You have never been on a boat?

Nope, that’s true.

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Dang! Anyone else want to guess?

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That one? The other is just too crazy :joy:(im jk)

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@LizerdsTree Was that the one?

I have been on a plane, so that one is a lie.

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Ok, @LizerdsTree, your lie was guessed by @agentpinkdog!

@agentpinkdog you can post your 2 truths and a lie now!

  1. Rosie is my sister
  2. I can’t stand peanut butter
  3. I love church

(This is probably obvious lol)

Is it the lie this @agentpinkdog ?

Nope peanut butter is disgusting

oh i love pb

That is definitely not the lie I love going to church


Ok there is only one more answer. you are not Rosie’s sister lol.

Ok I will go now.

  1. My parents have sailed past a island in the Caribbean while a volcano was exploding at night.
  2. My mother used to work in a war zone.
  3. My father is a doctor.

try to guess the lie.