Two wheat planted on only one compost block after the wheat it's untouchable!


While playing in Skeeve exile I’m in Shariu place and I harvest the 4 wheat that was planted on 4 compost and a while ago I replant them but I accidentally clicked 2 wheat in compost block from the last compost to the right side after that this happened.

See in the picture there’s a 2 wheat planted on one compost only they are together sweet but it’s a glitch the tallest one needs to harvest since it’s color brown and the front of the wheat is color green that needs more time to get a harvest how come you can plant two wheat in only one compost block!

After the harvesting I only take the needs to harvest but then again I didn’t fix it because the other wheat the color green I can’t touch it here’s the proof.

As you can see I touch the fresh wheat planted on compost I was expecting it’s already normal but I’m wrong because It gets worse that I can’t even touch it or do something I should wait until I have to harvest it but what if I cannot touch it again I’m worried if something happens and turned the plant to glitch maybe Skeeve help because there is no Admin in this server can type a [/repair] command to remove this untouchable wheat glitch. I will try to exit and rejoin! That’s all thanks!


Can you try either burning an ember on it, or burning a wood block next to it in hope that it will catch fire?


Oh yes the amber ok let me try.

Edit: Yes it works but then again the glitch will happen again when you plant 2 wheat’s on one compost block so it will be glitch again.


Does this only happen on Skeeve’s Exile?


Why would it only happen on one clouc server? That would not make any sense, probably a glitch unrelated to Skeeve’s Exile, I’m 99 percent sure.

But sidenote, does Shariu want you messing with her plants Dark?


To be honest I don’t know I wish I could fix it again but shari was already there watching to fix what’s happened to that plant I hope I just really didn’t spade it and replant by two wheat now it looks halfway ready and not ready wheat’s on one compost. :frowning:


It is just part of the plant animation showing that the wheat will soon be ready to harvest. If you wait until it naturally ripens the visual appearance of two wheat plants corrects itself. I would rather you didn’t use an ember on plants in my farm @DARKHORSE it is not worth losing the farm over something so insignificant.


Nope, I only use the ember to test if the halfway of wheat will be gone and it gets normal and I probably sure I don’t like to burn your farm I won’t ever do that! Don’t worry I’ll be more careful next time.


Please don’t “test” at my farm. It is fine right now. The wheat is growing as it should. Fire causes more problems than it solves in cases like this.


Okay I’m really sorry I promise it won’t happened again forgive me!


:grinning:everything is fine.


This has also happened to me on expert. On my own private server. With wheat and flax I think it was. Let me see if I can find the picture to add.
I was able to remove both plants from the one block with the machete and the block went back to normal. I could then replant the flax.