How’s my U-Boat look?
feel free to comment below your thoughts about it (pls no hate) :slight_smile:


I think you should make another option (Neutral), because I think it’s brilliant and a little terrible - your. U-Boat is mostly for crafting XD


What’s that supposed to mean?
It’s better than my first submarine & I’m the first one to probally build this.
PS this is on a server & I haven’t shown the finished version yet.
there was no need to be mean about it


What is it made out of? Pretty cool! Nice U-Boat!


Titanium Blocks & Floating platforms & thanks :slight_smile:


I like it! could you make one slightly sleeker?


What is a U-boat? Is it a certain type of boat?


A U-Boat is a German Submarine from the Second World War, the Germans call Submarines Underwater boats, hence U-Boat :slight_smile:
Wolftribe77: this was just a prototype I built & designed, I’ll do larger ones in the future, but how can I make it more sleeker?


Add a Little more detail , I dunno maybe crew hulls and food storage like they had in the WWI versions…don’t worry mine isnt much better if any.


yeah he could make her longer :slight_smile: btw he built the WW2 U-Boat


I made her a little longer with crew cabins & the galley (kitchen)


Could you please repost a photot so that we may glory over the upgrades? please? pretty please with an evil dodo on top?


yes, I’ve been working differnt versions


-Carbon Fiber (Updated Version)

-Titanium (Original Version)