Now,You All(Wait…None of You) Know That I’m A Alien Fan.
Well,They Should Add UFOs And Aliens To The Game.

Aliens Would Look Like A Blockhead,With Green Skin,No Hair,Metalic Clothes,
And Big black Eyes.The UFO Would Look Like this!

I=Iron Block
BG=Black glass
GC=Golden Chest.
I I. I. I I I
I I. I I

The Golden Chest Could Include
Steel,Iron,Gems,And A Tin Foil Hat.

More detail please.For example,spawn locations,what aliens do and what aliens drop.

This has been suggested before,please search.

What more can he say?

he could say what you could do with the alien and a bunch of other stuff like if you can go in his spaceship or like if you would have to craft a landing pad thingy for him to visit you or like if you can travel in his spaceship or like if he is an enemy and you could attack him or like if you could…