Uhm is this normal for SP to have?


Can someone please let me know it this is normal? I’ve played for a while and definitely not a noob, but I was traveling through my new single player world and came across something I’ve neve seen before…


Very weird, you discovered a very special thing.


Have you found anything like it before?? And btw I don’t hack tc, I just get $100 iTunes cards each holiday/birthday !


I get them for other holidays ( Columbus Day, Halloween, etc ) and before blockheads I would only buy music and I would still have a lot of money left over


That’s good that you don’t pirate tc, but I find it weird that you had to clarify that when no one asked. Still, I believe you.


I clarify everything😂 it’s just me. I know, I’m weird. But I have to clarify because whenever my friends ask me how much TC I have they automatically think I pirate TC. So I automatically clarify that


That’s pretty freaky! Never seen anything like it!


I was just traveling through the ocean and I found a perfect square??


It’s fine, I wouldn’t accuse anyone of pirated tc personally.

Also, I think this world is very unique or corrupted.


Lol. I keep Finding weird things here. Even though this question is toatally unrelated to the thread, where do you find purple tulips. I’m trying to gather all natural colors so I can breed them, if purple is even a natural color.


I don’t believe purple is a natural color, but you’re right about it being unrelated. Since this isn’t in the right topic, less people who know the answer will see that question. Maybe make a new topic in questions.


This is corruption. I’ve had it happen before. I was going to try to incorporate it into what I was doing, but it was just too massive. If you start mining, I think you may find “pockets” of lava near the surface.

Out of curiosity, is this a 16x world? The larger worlds are where I run into this problem most often.


No, it’s only 4X


I don’t know if I’m lucky or not :sweat_smile: I never even knew this could happen !


I think it’s cool in its own weird way. But at the same time, I wouldn’t like all of my worlds to be like this.


Likewise, that’s why I’m trying to breed tulips, even though I have no patience for this whatsoever


Holy cow! :what:


I kinda don’t think this thread belongs in off topic since it is about The Blockheads. Maybe #bugs-glitches?


It’s definitely on topic, probably bugs and glitches yes.


Moved to #bugs-glitches.