Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated

Since the 1.7 update is nearly upon us (very exciting), I was wondering which well established servers will FOR SURE be closing at this point and which well established servers will FOR SURE be funded into 1.7.

  • If you want your server to be put on the list, please list the EXACT name and the NAME OF THE OWNER as it will appear in the world search.
  • If it is not being funded, please put in the last credit date, in case players want to visit for a final farewell.

Please only post the status of servers that have significant builds on them not just small private servers (In other words, not just a shack at spawn — No offense to dirt shacks at spawn). I have intentionally kept a few servers off this list that have been mentioned before (after talking to the owners), simply because they are in the beginning stages of building the server or the commitment seems a bit vague. I am keeping these servers off the list, because since they aren’t built up yet, there is a chance that they will be abandoned prior to opening… or they may be released with very little on them. This list reflects servers that are more than just intention. When possible, I’m visiting the servers to make sure they fit this standard.

Perhaps, if people feel strongly about a server that’s leaving, they might consider adding credit to extend its shelf life.

:hushed: NEW! If you have created a Mac Server (established/not just an idea or just starting), please let me know and remember to include the IP and Port. I’ll add to the list. Thanks.


Staying in 1.7: REVISED 5.4.19!!

Cloud Servers: checked on 5.4.19

Cloud Servers: out of credit (OOC) / whitelisted (WL) / can’t find: maybe on private? (CF): not sure of this status is temporary or permanent: checked on 5.4.19

Mac Servers (not checked)

Not sure/Open Infrequently/Special Occasion Openings

Leaving: (most Likely)


All of the 30+ Mac Servers that I host will be remaining in 1.7!


Isn’t there already a list for servers that are staying in another thread?

Emerald gardens by shariu2 will stay open but will be on a whitelist until the North Pole issue is resolved.

UNIHORSE will stay open :heart:

Creative of Time will remain funded, as well as Survival of Time.


Atmos - Mama Food Supply
Starlight Skys 3 - Owner unknown

Looks like the cat is out of the bag. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

oops. sorry porky. :speak_no_evil: Was just talking to Oreo. :joy:


Lol it’s fine! I just hadn’t told anyone the name yet. So there ya go, people who are curious! :joy:

Evolution of Time sounds epic.

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it does.

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Alies isn’t done yet but it will definitely be funded in 1.7

Gold shore and horse power!!! Won’t be funded I’ve offered to fund hp for cg but i don’t think she wants me to

Gold shore 2.0 will be staying ( @alliteration.qun15 u might want to make a thread for gs 2.0?)

Dragon universe won’t be open

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Land of nature is leaving anyway :relieved:

Moonlight Mellow owned by me and @SomeRandomUser.

Hey, Hailey.
Could you please include the name of the owners for the servers you mention? I am searching and I cannot find Gold Shore, Alies, Gold Shore 2.0;, Dragon Universe).

@WumboJumbo, I can only find Moonlight Mellow owned by AOIFESHERRY, can you please let me know if this is correct?

I forgot that it’s private till 1.7. Oops!

It’s fine… just let me know who the owner is (for when people try to look it up).:relaxed:

It’s owned by me and @SomeRandomUser.